How loan officers TRICK YOU (and how to prevent it)

How loan officers TRICK YOU (and how to prevent it)


My loan officer has the 11k closing costs itemized which was very helpful in understanding what is being charged and why. Very professional and transparent and fast paced! I went with Pacres Mortgage. I’ll be in this house in less than a months time from looking at homes to placing an offer to getting a counter offer to settling on 40k under what they were originally asking and inspections appraisal etc! Less than a month! I thought this was going to take forever!

We just left a lender that was charging us higher fees and left out the other closing cost fees then proceeded to bully us because we went with a lender that was better and more upfront with their fees in section A. They tried to win us back by saying they can remove third party fees from the closing coat which I know they can’t do that.


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